Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sewing: Refashion Scarf into Shirt

In my obsession with sewing lately, I've been on YouTube and Pinterest every day, looking for cool and interesting projects.

I found another great blogger/YouTuber extraordinaire...Sheri Pavlovic at Confessions of a Refashionista, or

One of the many things Sheri offers on her blog are tutorials on creatively transforming thrifted clothes into awesome fashionable ensembles.  In doing this, she is taking a stand against the unethical garment industry.

Read about ethical fashion here:

Truth be told, I started thrifting a few years ago to save money. I have found really nice clothing, furniture and other items for pennies compared to what they are sold for in regular stores.  This has been fun and has really helped financially.  Reading about the unethical garment industry has really convinced me that thrifting is the way to go.

On that note, I decided to try my hand at refashioning.  

I had gotten a beautiful scarf at the thrift store last year for $1. You read that right, it cost me a buck.


One of Sheri's tutorials on making a scarf into a shirt had caught my eye.  See it here: 

So I had the scarf and needed something to attach to it for the back of the shirt.  I was having a hard time deciding...maybe this green men's shirt...

Turns out, it wouldn't be enough material.

So, it was decided this orange sheet from the linen closet would work just fine.  

After pinning, cutting and sewing a bit, I realized the scarf was actually a lot bigger than I thought. Some more trimming had to be done to get a better fit.

I also decided to change the neckline into a V-neck.  After finishing the sleeves and hemming, it was finished! This was my first refashion. Mistakes were made, and it is certainly not perfect. But I think it turned out pretty nice!

A buck well spent I'd say!

I urge you to go over to
and see what it's all about.  In addition to MANY free tutorials on everything from refashioning, accessorizing, and even laundry tips, you can also purchase her refashioning e-books.  Also worth noting is a "Get My Makes" section where you can purchase some of the awesome items she has refashioned. 

Go check out a thrift store near you! You will be "transformed". :)


  1. So happy to have inspired you to get refashioning! Cheers for the fab feature =O) always keep up your passion for refashion & ethical style!

  2. Lovely colours in the scarf and I like the V neck.